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Friday, August 7, 2020

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Smoking Fetish Links – new sites released

Posted by admin On February - 7 - 2009
sfl 2009-02-07Smoking Fetish Links update. There a lots of link sites in this niche but just a few you need to bookmark. The first is Ron Andrews Smoking Links this site is up since 1998 but with very rare updates, means maximum 2 a year. But still the hell of sites listed. An other very good page is The All Smoking Fetish Links up since 2002 with lots of listings. The site is updating up to several times a month and very actual like no other list in this niche. Bad links are regulary removed means only working and clean websites are listed.

The latest site listings – female cigarette and cigar pictures and videos
Chain SmokersLeather Smoking GirlsSmoking Movie RoomPure SmokingSmoke 4 YouSmoking VODCigar GlamourSmoking Models HDSmokkoVixen Of FetishVisual SmokeMonique Vegas
See all update here >>>

Cigar Fetish – glamour smoking women

Posted by admin On January - 21 - 2009
cigar glamour

I was missing a long time a site like the new Cigar Glamour website. There is no reason why we have to wait long time for such site. I am happy to see not just a site in this niche rather a site with first glass beauties dressed elegant in nice lingerie or best dresses. The makers from sites like SmokingVideos.ukMsInhale and SexySmokingTeens have done a great job with high quality image series and a few videos. Cigar Glamour provides you with those exlusive shots of sexy women smoking cigars. You will see glamorous sexy photo shoots and videos of beautiful women smoking cigars. A great many men enjoy seeing beautiful women smoking cigarettes, and even in this prohibitive age it’s not difficult to enjoy the sight of a sexy female enjoying a cigarette either on the street, in a designated smoking area at a bar or workplace, and obviously on the internet. However, those of us who are fixated on watching a sexy woman wrap her lips lovingly around the end of a good cigar have it a lot harder! How many times have you actually seen a woman smoke a cigar in real life? It’s a very rare occurence for a woman to have the confidence and indeed the desire to smoke a cigar and break what is still considered a taboo by many.So, CigarGlamour is a rare haven for admirers of glamourous women who smoke cigars. The Cigar Glamour ladies love their cigars, and they love it when you watch. Click Here – Free Tour!