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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

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Cigar Fetish – glamour smoking women

Posted by admin On January - 21 - 2009
cigar glamour

I was missing a long time a site like the new Cigar Glamour website. There is no reason why we have to wait long time for such site. I am happy to see not just a site in this niche rather a site with first glass beauties dressed elegant in nice lingerie or best dresses. The makers from sites like SmokingVideos.ukMsInhale and SexySmokingTeens have done a great job with high quality image series and a few videos. Cigar Glamour provides you with those exlusive shots of sexy women smoking cigars. You will see glamorous sexy photo shoots and videos of beautiful women smoking cigars. A great many men enjoy seeing beautiful women smoking cigarettes, and even in this prohibitive age it’s not difficult to enjoy the sight of a sexy female enjoying a cigarette either on the street, in a designated smoking area at a bar or workplace, and obviously on the internet. However, those of us who are fixated on watching a sexy woman wrap her lips lovingly around the end of a good cigar have it a lot harder! How many times have you actually seen a woman smoke a cigar in real life? It’s a very rare occurence for a woman to have the confidence and indeed the desire to smoke a cigar and break what is still considered a taboo by many.So, CigarGlamour is a rare haven for admirers of glamourous women who smoke cigars. The Cigar Glamour ladies love their cigars, and they love it when you watch. Click Here – Free Tour!

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